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Handmade Retro Round Bamboo Sunglasses

Handmade Retro Round Bamboo Sunglasses - ThreeMystics

Handmade Retro Round Bamboo Sunglasses

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100% Handmade Bamboo Retro Style Sunglasses With Premium UV400 Protected Polarized Lenses- 

Eco Friendly sunglasses handcrafted from lightweight bamboo and a water resistant protective coating for durability.

Handmade Wood Frame -Made of 100% natural wood. Each pair is unique because of these natural variations. 

Lens Width: 52mm  Height: 52mm
Lenses Material: Poly-carbonate
Sunglasses Style: Retro Round  

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This bracelet greatly assists in alleviating my arthritis pain especially when I wear it consistently. Will be ordering two more for my husband and son.

Sophia M.

I got my bracelet today and I can honestly say the bracelet looks great, Looking forward to feeling better. Thank you.

Robert T.

Fast shipping and wonderful products. My Tiger bracelet is awesome!

Jesse W.

I am 100 % satisfied!! glad I found this backpack. super cute and stylish. Perfect size and lots of room for everything you may need! I took it on vacation so I would be hands free while exploring new places. I love that it's vegan!

Ashely H.